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Contractor Bucher Bründler, Basilea
Design Ing. Jürg Merz, Maisprach
Engineering Obrist Bauunternehmung AG, Wallbach
Waterproofing Drytech AG, Basel
Drytech Tank 162 m²
PRIVATE HOUSE, GELTERKINDEN, SWITZERLAND / Designed like a sculpture, this private house Chienbergreben in Gelterkinden, Switzerland, follows the slope of the ground and is located at the edge of the town and the agricultural area.
The underground structures have been created using the White Tank System, which has made them waterproof to both groundwater and water off the hillside.
The adoption of the Drytech System, which envisages a single waterproof concrete structure, has also allowed the underground part of the project to observe the key feature which defines it architecturally. The building’s structure is completely made of exposed concrete with horizontal disposable formwork: inside like the outside.


Drytech® is the leading expert on waterproofing in groundwater for architects, engineers, building firms, estate agents and public agencies.

We have been specializing exclusively in waterproof structures and restoration activities since 1963, working directly on building sites throughout Europe.


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