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Owner Ufficio federale delle costruzioni e della logistica UFCL, Lugano
Design CDL Bearth & Deplazes AG, Durisch+Nolli Architetti Sagl
Engineering Jürg Buchli, Dipl. Bauing. ETH SIA / CDI Edy Toscano SA / Conzett Bronsini Gartmann AG
Construction Casada SA, Malvaglia
Waterproofing Drytech Ticino, Bedano
Waterproofing 4'110 m²
FEDERAL CRIMINAL COURT, BELLINZONA / “It is essential, with the creation of new institutional spaces, to guarantee the spatial and urban continuity of the road and district”.

The project designed by Architects Durisch and Nolli interpreted the request in this competition notice reconciling the complex needs of a court with the existing elements of the monument. The end sections of the buildings on viale Franscini have been completely preserved. The sections behind have been rebuilt, using the pre-existing architectural concepts.

Lastly, the secondary sections have been rebuilt applying continuity but with a contemporary look which makes the structure functional for the needs of a modern institutional building. Pre-existing and new construction are united organically without perceivable breaks.
The level below ground, assigned among other things to the security wing, is a Drytech® waterproof structure covering 3,370 m², to which is added a 740 m² concrete floor slab, on which the internal garden sits.


Drytech® is the leading expert on waterproofing in groundwater for architects, engineers, building firms, estate agents and public agencies.

We have been specializing exclusively in waterproof structures and restoration activities since 1963, working directly on building sites throughout Europe.


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