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Construction supervision Artech SA, Lugano
Design Luca Gazzaniga Architetti, Lugano
Engineering Ingg. Chiesa e Partners, Chiasso
Landscape design PROAP - João Nunes, Lisbon
Construction Union Medici+Barella, Morbio Inferiore/Chiasso
Waterproofing Drytech Ticino, Bedano
Drytech Tank 3’120 m²
CONCORDIA RESIDENCE, CASSARATE / The relationship between an object and the environment is the starting point of the Concordia Residence design which stands in the Cassarate neighbourhood in Lugano. The architect, Luca Gazzaniga, has divided the building volume into three blocks in order to ensure it fits harmoniously into the neighbourhood and to increase the number of panoramic views.

It consists of three granite parallelepipeds which however appear very light: the stone facades are embellished with a succession of windows reflecting the colours of the sky and with completely free openings which give the buildings an extraordinarily light image. In particular the corner terrace openings allow one to see beyond the facade.

The three buildings are connected structurally by a large underground car park built using the Drytech Tank System. Drytech Engineering collaborated with the offices of Chiesa Engineer during the design phase of the underground structure regarding the waterproofing aspects.

In particular special solutions were required to ensure watertightness of the waterproof structure in order to manage the different loads produced by the buildings and free areas on the car park floor slab.


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