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Owner Sezione della logistica del Canton Ticino
General Contractor Gross Generalunternehmung AG, Brugg
Design Architetti Nicola Baserga e Christian Mozzetti, Muralto
Engineering Ingegneri Andrea e Eugenio Pedrazzini, Lugano
Construction Mafledil, Osogna
Waterproofing Drytech Ticino, Bedano
Drytech Tank 2'128 m²
CPC GYM, CHIASSO (CH) / The CPC double gym in Chiasso is a victory of lightness over weight, of interaction over separation and flexibility over rigidity.
The duality between the plinth and coverage volume of the room is denoted by a separation, made by a pointed structure on the four sides. This suspension makes the monolithic structure appear extremely light, to the point of seeming to be held – rather than supported – by the structure’s four Vs.

The separation illuminates the internal space and links it with the urban and natural elements which surround the gym. This interaction integrates it into the school and cultural campus, weaving links with the location’s special features.

The architecture is characterized by a square layout of the main space of the gym room and by a partially emerging plinth. While the room does not face in a particular direction, denoting its public role, the plinth responds to the different situations and the different topographies.
To the North there is an entrance terrace for the school buildings and access from the public car park. To the South there are steps leading to the garden. There is a boundary next to the road and the square to the East. Finally it is on the same level as the m.a.x Museum and the “Officina” Space sharing the public function with them.

The entrance-gallery allows a view into the hall and connection to the lower ground floor where the gym floor and the ancillary spaces can be found. This underground part was made with the Drytech White Tank System, a single waterproof concrete structure.
The facades are insulated internally and protected by exposed wood laths on the lower part and by an acoustic panel lining on the higher part. The ceiling is strongly influenced by the exposed concrete coffered structure. The building’s energy rating meets the criteria of the Minergie standard. Finally, the division of the building into rooms is flexible: there is a simple awning which descends vertically, suspended from the truss.


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