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Design Silvia Casanova, Arch. dipl. ETH, Claro
Engineering Peter Stauffer, Ing. dipl. ETH, Pianezzo
Construction Edilcapri SA, Tesserete
Waterproofing Drytech Ticino, Bedano
Drytech Tank 203 m²
RED HOUSE, CUREGLIA / Living surrounded by green spaces has a double meaning for the house designed by architect Silvia Casanova. Surrounded by nature, the red house in Cureglia is very “green” inside.

Considering energy efficiency, the building literally communicates with the environment. Energy is produced by an air-water heat pump with solar panels for producing hot water and the provision for the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof.

The house is insulated by a ventilated structure, formed by a layer of rock wool, a cavity for ventilation and a covering in ecological fibre cement sheets. Ventilation of the façade avoids the formation of humidity inside the property, which also benefits from a forced ventilation system.

The building stands on a piece of land parallel to the main road. The North side has therefore been planned as a screen: both thermal and acoustic. The supporting structure is made of reinforced concrete, a material which guarantees excellent noise insulation.

The garden has also been closed towards the North East by a patio which, together with the front of the house, creates an oasis of calm on the South side.

The large windows of the main facade and living area on the ground floor open out on this side, seamlessly communicating with the spacious garden.

The lower ground level, set aside to garage space and utility rooms, was created with the Drytech White Tank System: the clay soil type encourages water stagnation, making waterproofing of the underground structure necessary.


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