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Owner Luca Gazzaniga Architetti, Lugano
Design Artech SA, Lugano - Ing. Galli e Associati SA, S. Antonino
Engineering Ing. Galli e Associati SA, S. Antonino
Landscape Design PROAP - João Nunes, Lisbon
Construction Giovanni Quadri SA, Lamone - Cadempin
Waterproofing Drytech Ticino, Bedano
Drytech Tank 3’750 m²
ZINNIA PARK, CUREGLIA / The Zinnia Park complex in Cureglia is made up of three buildings and eight houses situated in a large park.
The design completes a residential area with buildings to scale with the environment and which follow the lie of the hilly terrain.

The hayloft grill brickwork
The brickwork is the protagonist of the pure and simple architecture of the three buildings, each one on three levels occupied by the same number of apartments.
The architect, Gazzaniga, reinterprets the style of a modern farmhouse, creating a fascinating union.
The pure, simple lines of the structure resonate with the warmth and expressiveness of the bricks.

Modern and ancient produce an extraordinarily warm and material effect.
The panoramic, open facades completely made of glass, like large paintings of the sky, are enhanced by the contrast with the wide side wall surfaces made of bricks. These walls make an elegant reference to rural buildings with the grill brickwork openings, typical of haylofts.

Equally modern is the interpretation of the roof, which is a pitched roof but with an angle so open to appear almost flat.
Under the garden, Drytech has created the vast underground garages using the Drytech waterproof Tank structure.

Absolute lines
The three brick buildings have a relationship with the absolute architecture of the eight houses which are situated on the lower terrace.

In this case the architect, Gazzaniga, emphasizes the uncompromising functionalism of the eight houses with two contrasting colours – grey and warm white – for the ground and first floors.

The main facade of the four buildings is characterized by large covered terraces on the first floor, while the living area on the ground floor is connected directly to a private garden.

Respect for the lie of the land guarantees a full view and good sunlight for all the residential units.


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