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Engineering Dr. Ing. Raffaele Ghitti, Darfo Boario Terme
Construction SEMAT spa, Artogne
Waterproofing Drytech Italia, San. Fermo d/B COMO
Drytech Tank 700 m²
INDUSTRIAL WATER CLARIFIER, GENOA / An industrial clarifier receives waste water full of metals, hydrocarbons and other pollutants. It separates these elements from the water via mechanical and chemical processes. Then it channels the clarified water towards the sewer system and retains the residual sludge from purification.

The clarifier walls are therefore exposed to a series of agents of varying degrees of aggressiveness and they must not release any material into the water, least of all a pollutant.

DRYflex resin – used to seal joints, penetrations and cracks in the Drytech White Tank – has exactly this dual ability to resist aggressive agents (starting with salinity) and is compatible for use in structures for drinking water.
The Resin is one of two waterproofing elements which make up the Drytech White Tank (the other is the waterproof concrete based on the Drytech mix design).

At the end of the concrete’s curing period, the resin is injected in the joints, the cracks and penetrations. When the resin is injected it has the same viscosity as water and, after a few minutes, it catalyzes, sealing the construction detail through pressure.

It should be underlined that the resin fills the joints, cracks and penetrations throughout the whole thickness of the structure. In the case of the clarifier in Genoa, the barrier opposing the water has a variable thickness from 30 to 120 cm, coinciding with the thickness of the structure.
Furthermore, the characteristic Drytech White Tank single structure allows direct, non-invasive access for maintenance work which is simple to carry out and can be verified instantly.

Above all, it can be done without any particular limitations on using the plant.

As described in the project, Drytech Engineering collaborated with the structural engineer on the construction of the plant in Genoa in the planning phase, proposing the waterproofing solution for the structure’s critical points.

Drytech Engineering also contributed to defining the mix design of the controlled-shrinkage waterproof concrete, based on the characteristics of the plant chosen by the client.


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