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Design Arch. Renzetti Partners, Muralto
Engineering Eng. Giorgio Masotti, Bellinzona
Construction GTL SA, Gravesano
Waterproofing Drytech Ticino, Bedano
Drytech Tank 7,950 m²
4 TOWERS, LOCARNO / Between modules and asymmetry, the 4 Towers in Locarno reveal a style which can be defined organic.
The first impression is of an extremely functional architecture, characterized by precision, which is enhanced by the sharpness with which light and shade divide up the facades.
Yet, the observer perceives an intriguing sense of complexity. Repetition of the shapes is only apparent.

Looking more closely, it is suprising to see that the facades are animated by the idiosyncrasy of every single opening: no window (length and position) is the same.
Every floor is different and stratification of these different proportions of solid parts and space confers a special lightness to the entire building. This feeling is strengthened by the empty spaces which characterize the corners of the buildings, creating movement with the sky.

Nevertheless, the four towers are absolutely identical to each other, positioned in exactly the same way. It is in this way that the tower is a module and the repetition confers architectural unity to the building complex.
The four towers are connected architecturally by a central, long, low building which by contrast increases the high soaring lines of the towers.

The large underground storey beneath the whole complex houses the car park which was created using the Drytech White Tank System. It was made usable even before the opening of the retail and residential spaces.


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