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Owner Poncini Holding SA, Locarno
Design 3G Architetti SA, Tenero
Engineering Engineering Anastasi, Locarno
Construction Gamboni e Salmina SA, Gordola
Waterproofing Drytech Ticino, Bedano
EXPANSION OF FRIGERIO, LOCARNO / The past and the future have finally found a point of contact: the DRYset waterstop injectable Tape for expansion joints.

The addition of a new building to Frigerio’s plant in Locarno required the opening of a passage between the existing building and the new one. The underground connection was made waterproof by inserting a continuous injectable waterstop tape in the expansion joint between the two buildings.

The DRYset injectable Waterstop Tape adds the possibility of maintaining the joint over time with injections of DRYflex expanding resin to the mechanical barrier function of traditional tapes.

The DRYset Waterstop Tape profile has in fact two micro-drilled channels, through which it is possible to inject and spread the waterproofing resin, should the pressure of the water rise to the point of overcoming the mechanical barrier represented by the length of the tape.
The channels included in the Tape profile have very small holes so that they are impermeable to water but allow, on the other hand, the spread of resin by virtue of the pressure at which it is injected.

The Injectable Waterstop Tape for joints used in Locarno was prepared in the Drytech laboratory with special machinery which enables the tape sections to be sealed, maintaining the continuity of the injectable channels.

After the joints were tested, the Tape was taken to the construction site for installation.

Access to DRYset Waterstop for future maintenance work of the joint is guaranteed by the easily accessible channel via the underside of the construction.


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