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Owner Chiancianesi & Longoni, Pregassona
Design Archiconsult SA, Lugano on behalf of Marco and Daniele Chiancianesi Longoni under architectural supervision of Source Project Manager SA
Engineering Ing. Alessio Casanova, Pazzallo
Construction PromEng SA, Lugano Besso
Waterproofing Drytech sa, Bedano
Drytech Tank 2,900 m²
MANSION VILLA BRANCA, MELIDE / There are only two ways to build a waterproof structure directly in water: either the classic double tank or the single tank Drytech White Tank System.

The underground levels of the Villa Branca Residence in Melide, on the shores of lake Lugano, have been created with the Drytech system. It is a luxury crescent made up of 16 apartments and 5 penthouses with terraces, roof gardens, hot tubs and parking below lake level.
As well as allowing installation under water, the Drytech Tank ensured that the internal volumes planned in the design were maintained as it is a single waterproof concrete structure. This obviously also leads to a saving in materials and resources.

Drytech Tank installation activities are not affected by weather conditions and can be carried out at the same time as other activities on the construction site, meaning that waterproofing can and was removed from the works calendar. Drytech Engineering developed the underwater waterproof concrete mix design. Above, there is a photo of the casting activities of a concrete bed for one of the pits of a car-lift in the underground car park.

At the end of the curing period, joints, planned cracks and penetrations were made waterproof with injections of DRYflex Resin: an acrylic, elastic, foam resin which seals construction details through pressure, not by adhesion.
The injection, which together with the concrete is the effective waterproofing factor, is carried out from inside the structure and, unlike double structure systems, the seal can be verified by visual inspection immediately. The resin is elastic and therefore it is possible to make further injections for any future water infiltrations.

For all these reasons, the Drytech Tank is the waterproofing system that is not afraid of water, not even during construction.


Drytech® is the leading expert on waterproofing in groundwater for architects, engineers, building firms, estate agents and public agencies.

We have been specializing exclusively in waterproof structures and restoration activities since 1963, working directly on building sites throughout Europe.


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