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Owner Fondazione Paolo Torriani, Mendrisio
Design Krausbeck architetto con GSMM architetti, Salorino
Engineering Studio di Ingegneria Roberto Mondada, Balerna
Construction Impresa Riva Costruzioni, Tremona
Waterproofing Drytech Ticino, Bedano
Drytech Tank 600 m²
Drycoat Roof 250 m²
EDGE TOWER, MENDRISIO / The Paolo Torriani Foundation for children has built new premises which allow the organization to complete its activities, adapting to the changing needs of children requiring care, protection and educational support.
The upper floors of the structure are intended for therapeutic workshops, spaces for the involvement of families in the children’s journey and "bridge-apartments" to support young people in the transition from an institution to autonomy and self-determination. Learning, working, establishing relationships and increasing one's self-esteem: these are the fundamental steps in the process of integration and emancipation. The Foundation identified the Children's Bookshop, another historic institution in Mendrisio, as the ideal partner to create a working environment in which to get involved in a balanced and protected way.
The Bookshop is on the ground floor and includes a literary tearoom.
From an architectural standpoint, the Torre d’Angolo (Corner Tower) interprets this double necessity of safety and openness with a modular grid that shields the facades from the outside and makes the rooms open and bright from the inside. The effect of light and dark, which changes during the day, gives lightness to the building, which seems to consist only of the grid profiles.
Within this formal context, the project by architect Otto Krausbeck and GSMM architects introduces variations in the modules, resulting from the different internal layouts and functions. Images of "Flying Children" by the artist Roberto Mucchiut have been reproduced directly on the concrete in some sectors of the façade, interpreting the purpose of the Foundation: helping young people to grow in harmony to fly off into life.
The upper limit of the volume follows the slopes of the elegant sloping roof, designed as a fifth facade, giving a further element of dynamism to the Tower.
The roof was made watertight using a Drycoat elastic, continuous layer which, overcoming the need for metalwork and with its reduced thickness, has guaranteed the purity of the architectural lines.
The underground level was built with the Drytech waterproof Tank.


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