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Design ITI Srl - Arch. Tobia Marcotti, Milano
Engineering Studio Tecnico Delta Ing. Roberto Falzotti, Novara
Construction ATI Grassi e Crespi, Milano /
Garzoni, Lugano
Waterproofing Drytech Italia, Montano Lucino COMO
Drytech Tank 2,000 m²
SAN LUCA HOSPITAL, MILAN / Opened in 2010 and situated on Milan’s internal ring road, the San Luca hospital is an example of architecture which brings together function, integration and symbolism and earned the architect, Tobia Marcotti, The Renzo Piano Foundation award.

The hospital faces two different urban environments: Piazzale Brescia which is large and busy and via Magnasco, a narrow tree-lined road. Noise and space on one side and greenery and silence on the other. For this reason the building has a solid compact façade on one wing, almost like a shield which protects the patient (titanium zinc, Fossena grey stone) and on the other there is a façade which is set back covered with Istrian yellow stone and there are opal glass facades on via Magnasco.

On Piazzale Brescia the covering in zinc laminate and the sunken windows represent a symbolic and real defense of the peace required for a stay in hospital.
On the contrary, the glass surfaces on via Magnasco seem to welcome in the tree branches. The inclined planes which break up the larger surfaces give movement and lightness to the main volume and are the defining symbol of the building.

If on the outside the hospital faces and interacts with the urban environment, inside the architecture must develop a functional relationship. The positioning of services, outpatient clinics and patients rooms is therefore defined around the needs of the patient and the doctor.

The building has 13 floors of which 3 are underground and it accommodates 160 beds and 8 intensive care stations, accident and emergency, diagnostic imaging, offices, gyms, bars, conference rooms and 100 parking places in the underground car park. The underground storeys -3 and -2 were created with the Drytech White Tank System (comprising 2,000 m² of foundation bed) as the theoretical water table is 6 metres below the floor level of the concrete bed.


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