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Owner Metropolitana Milanese Spa, Milano
Engineering Eng. Bruno Cavagna, Bergamo
Construction Cavalleri Ottavio Spa, Dalmine
Waterproofing Drytech Italia, S.Fermo d/B Como
Drytech Tank 14,030 m²
RAILWAY UNDERPASS, MILAN / Blocking a railway line is, if it is possible, even more serious than a road. This is because a railway line does not usually have alternative lines nearby which allow trains to circumvent the interruption.

The underpass created beneath the railway line South-East of Milan is another example of the advantages of the White Tank System applied to monolithic blocks, in terms of uninterrupted railway traffic and waterproofing safety.

The installation of monolithic sections using box jacking represents the solution which does not block rail traffic, but obviously the sections cannot be waterproofed using membranes. All systems which envisage waterproofing of monolithic blocks before being inserted have limitations because the structural tensions caused by the push risk impairing the waterproof seal.

On the contrary, the White Tank System cannot be damaged because the waterproofing injection is done when the monolithic section is already in its final location.

On this construction site, Drytech waterproofed the monolithic section, the prefabricated ceiling sections in place to the North and South and the concrete bed and walls of the access ramps. In total, 14,030 m² of waterproof structure were created for an underpass 242 metres long.


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