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Owner Via Poma Srl, Milano
Design Studio Carbonell Imperato, Milano
Engineering Studio Ing. Dario Mariani, Monza
Construction Borio Mangiarotti, Milano
Waterproofing Drytech Italia, Montano Lucino, Como
Drytech Tank 4’830 m² + 1’035 m² di diaphragm
POMASEIUNO, MILAN / Pomaseiuno provides a contemporary interpretation of the history of Milanese architecture.

Long traditional balcony houses, internal courtyards, the simple and modular shape of functionalism: all these elements which characterised the way of living in Milan are shown in a modern way in the luxury building in via Poma 61 via a concept of movement which permeates the whole design.

The vertical development of the facade is reminiscent of the subdivision of historical Milanese buildings in three sections.
The base of the building is defined by a green marble covering, the central part alternates between a simple and double order via the inclusion of a modern steel string-course; the coping is set back with respect to the facade line.

Inside, there is instead a reminder of running balcony houses, interpreted via continuous balconies, interrupted only by elements to separate properties and numerous sliding brise soleil, which reconfirm the same idea of movement of the road facade.

The three underground levels have been created with the Drytech waterproof concrete Tank which, thanks to the versatility of the system, has brilliantly overcome the site limitations.

Due to space restrictions, the Drytech waterproof diaphragm technique has been used on one side of the underground structure, while on the other perimeter lengths the usual Drytech wall has been used to reline a sustaining Berlin method soldier pile wall.


Drytech® is the leading expert on waterproofing in groundwater for architects, engineers, building firms, estate agents and public agencies.

We have been specializing exclusively in waterproof structures and restoration activities since 1963, working directly on building sites throughout Europe.


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