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Engineering Eng. Massimo Mangini, Varese
Construction T.M.G., Berbenno di Valtellina
Waterproofing Drytech Italia, S.Fermo d/B Como
Drytech Tank 1,840 m²
ROAD UNDERPASS, NOVATE MEZZOLA / Built with the traditional “open-cut” construction method, the underpass which intersects the State Road 36 with a local road in Novate Mezzola is a Drytech Tank crossed both by a road for cars and a cycle path.
The waterproof structure was necessary due to a watertable head of 1 metre with respect to the upper side of the tunnel’s road surface.

The expansion joints between the monolithic block and the existing parts not in the watertable were equipped with DRYset injectable waterstop tapes. The work was designed by the engineer Massimo Mangini from Varese and built by T.M.G. from Berbenno in Valtellina, which created the 1,840 m² of Drytech Tank for an underpass 150 metres long.


Drytech® is the leading expert on waterproofing in groundwater for architects, engineers, building firms, estate agents and public agencies.

We have been specializing exclusively in waterproof structures and restoration activities since 1963, working directly on building sites throughout Europe.


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