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Engineering Ing Mauro Tirelli, Sestri Levante
Construction TEAS Srl, Sestri Levante
Waterproofing Drytech Italia, Montano Lucino Como
Drytech Tank 10,250 m²
STATION CAR PARK, SESTRI LEVANTE / The new public car park near the railway station in Sestri Levante was constructed with 10,250 m² of Drytech Tank. The public area over the underground car park represents a continuation of the square in front of the station: in fact the path, which crosses it lengthwise, continues along the central part of the public car park. Footpaths with seats and trees, vehicle access ramps to underground levels and the relevant pedestrian access points are organized along this axis. The public car park has 193 parking places.

Along the boundary with the railway area the structure of the underground car park is separated by a hollow space while on the opposite side, facing South West, the difference in height with the existing ground means the underground structure has only two floors.

The parking area ends with a spiral access ramp to the underground floors set aside to private garages and associated areas (435 units) and, on the second underground floor there is archive space for the Sestri Levante municipality.

The underground garage is accessed via two systems of one-way linear ramps and a two-way elliptical ramp placed at the end of the area.

To guarantee the correct natural ventilation in the garage, numerous aeration grills have been placed along the boundaries and along the central axis of the public car park. Along the central pedestrian axis and the boundary with the railway area, planting of decorative plants such as “lagerstroemia indica” or "hibiscus syriacus” is planned as are stone or cast in situ seats.


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