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Design Cino Zucchi Architects, Milano
Picco Architects, Torino
Engineering Ing Giorgio Piccarreta - AI Engineering, Torino
Construction Colombo Costruzioni, Lecco
Waterproofing Drytech Italia, Como
Drytech Tank 12,590 m²
NUVOLA LAVAZZA, TURIN / The Nuvola Lavazza designed by Cino Zucchi Architects and the historical buildings renovated by Cino Zucchi with Picco Architects are an example of architecture which dialogues with the district, with time and with the environment.
The district
Over time the area involved in the work was home to Società Elettrica Alta Italia, Sip and finally Enel. A historical production site surrounded by a perimeter wall. The large block has been opened and transformed into a pedestrian square overlooked by all the spaces, both new – the new Lavazza headquarters – and renovated buildings. A place which you can finally cross instead of going around and which has become an integral part of both the road system and life of the district, with the large square/garden, the buildings and the public underground carpark.
La Nuvola, the complex where Lavazza has brought together its management and operational offices in a single location, dialogues with the historical industrial buildings, redeveloped for communal activities: event spaces, conference rooms, restaurants, a design school and the interactive museum that celebrates the history of Lavazza. The two architectural eras are enhanced by their comparison. The project for the renovation of the historical buildings, by Cino Zucchi and Picco Architetti, preserved the exterior design of the structures but profoundly transformed the interiors to adapt them to new requirements, and reconnecting them to the surrounding urban fabric. For example, the library and some rooms of the Institute of Applied Art and Design (IAAD) now open onto a system of terraces overlooking the pedestrian street below.
The environment
The Green Building certification (LEED) is a reference point for the new Lavazza headquarters. The environment has helped shape the height of the building, which varies on different sides from six to two floors, according to their aspect and the direction of the sun and the surrounding buildings. The facade of La Nuvola features alternating transparent glass windows and metal panels. The metal pilasters and courses form an external grid on the window surface which, depending on the season and the time of day, helps to shield or facilitate the penetration of sunlight. The continuous dialogue with the environment includes roofs covered by greenery, hanging gardens inserted between the offices and a sophisticated digital system that programs environmental parameters – such as temperature and lighting - in relation to the times and ways that the different spaces are used, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency are maximised.
The old industrial block is no longer isolated. It is now part of a district, history and the environment.


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