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Owner Canton Ticino Trasportation Department
Design Architetto Bruno Fioretti Marquez, Berlino
Engineering Eng. Walter Zancan - studio Geoingegneria, Trento
Construction Oberosler cav. Piero S.p.A. di Bolzano
Waterproofing Drytech Italia, Montano Lucino Como
Drytech Tank 24,000 m²
TUNNEL IN THE ROCK, MEZZOLOMBARDO (TRENTO) / 24,000 m² of Drytech Tank to waterproof a tunnel. It’s what happened in Mezzolombardo, in the province of Trento, where the Drytech Tank was adopted to create a hydraulic tunnel. But the real news for Drytech is that the tunnel has been excavated in the rock.

The Drytech system has in fact been used for a long time in the construction of open-cut tunnels. Engineering developments in the Drytech Tank during the last ten years has also made it competitive and efficient in excavated tunnels.

The hydraulic tunnel in Mezzolombardo, which is 2,100 metres long, was divided with DRYset crack inducers installed every 6 metres.
The use of crack inducers reduced the cold joints, accelerating the progress of casting. The cold joints were prepared with DRYset channels. When the casting was finished, both the cracks produced by the crack inducers and the joints were injected with DRYflex expanding resin. Since the resin is also effective in the presence of water it is particularly suitable in environmental situations with a high level of infiltration like excavation in rock.
Since the Drytech Tank system is made up of a single structure, timely and non-invasive maintenance work can be carried out from inside the structure without demolition and without affecting use of the structure.

The tunnel in Mezzolombardo was excavated with a TBM and was carried out by the construction firm Oberosler cav. Piero S.p.A. from Bolzano, based on the design by structural engineer Walter Zancan from the firm Geoingegneria in Trento.


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