Drytech® The leading adviser on waterproofing

We have become the leading adviser on waterproofing for architects, designers and building firms.
We have earned this role by specializing exclusively in waterproofing in groundwater since 1963, guaranteeing the most advanced solutions both for new structures and for the restoration of existing ones, in over 1,000 building sites a year throughout Europe.

Waterproofing in groundwater is a very specific construction sector as well as being complex and delicate. If waterproofing is not complete it simply doesn’t exist. Half measures have no place with water. The damages caused by infiltration are always more substantial than the supposed savings of solutions chosen only considering financial criteria.

We believe that such an important issue merits total specialization to guarantee effective, advanced and lasting solutions.


We have been specializing exclusively in waterproofing in groundwater since 1963. We are fully focused on the quality of our systems because our revenue is totally derived from activities on the construction site.

The technologies and systems used by us are “designed & made in Drytech”. We have full control over the quality which we aim to guarantee to our customers without compromises.

To consolidate our position of technological leadership, we constantly invest in research and development activities in our R&D centre in Bedano, Switzerland.

We are close to designers and to construction sites. Advice from Drytech Engineering to designers ensures that Drytech’s experience and solutions are integrated into the design. Proximity to construction sites guarantees that waterproofing is carried out to the necessary standards and the savings of time and resources produced by the Drytech Tank are realized, benefitting the whole construction.

We apply our systems using our Technicians who are waterproofing experts.

We believe in the effectiveness of our systems: for this reason we take responsibility for the waterproofing.

Organization Experts close at hand

The Drytech Tank eliminates waterproofing from Gantt charts. Laying and injecting are carried out in parallel to other construction activities of an underground structure and are not affected by the weather. In fact Drytech Technicians must adapt to the works calendar and not the other way round.

This just-in-time presence requires an organization of technical experts and offices close to your construction. There is a need for quality and quantity: because being a partner means being there when required.

Photo: Drytech Technicians and Engineers from an office in Switzerland.



Drytech is in its second generation of waterproofers.
At the start of the 1960s the Krattiger family – owner of the Drytech trademark – focused on waterproofing in groundwater, gradually using all the systems which are defined as traditional today, until the arrival of the White Tank.
From mid way through the 1980s it helped to expand use of the White Tank, introducing it for the first time in the Italian market in 1999.

Since 2000 this personal story has taken a new form, with the creation of the Drytech Group and the related Research and Development laboratory.
The business has accelerated development of the system, synthesizing a new type of acrylic resin - also suitable for structures in contact with drinking water - and has carried out research and tests at schools of engineering in Switzerland and Italy on Waterproof Concrete, control systems and controlled shrinkage cracking.
All Drytech products are tested and certified by EU recognized independent institutes.

Since 2004 Drytech has also developed an engineering approach to waterproofing, guaranteeing architects, designers and building firms highly specialized advice which protects them from surprises and risks linked to a very special construction sector.

Starting in 1963 with just two offices belonging to the Krattiger family based in Basel and Lugano, Switzerland, the Drytech Group now has sixteen offices in Switzerland, Italy and Germany and five partners which apply the Drytech systems in three continents.
It’s an industrial story focusing on quality and continuous progress.

Drytech has been intensively providing training on waterproofing in groundwater over the last decade, holding seminars at professional associations and schools of engineering with the objective of spreading technical knowledge and allowing operators in the industry to be more informed about waterproofing systems when choosing.


Key facts

The Drytech group carries out approximately 960’000 m2 of waterproofing per year covering both new constructions and restoration activities, working in more than 1'000 construction sites.
These annual facts and figures are continuously increasing thanks to Drytech’s specialization and the constant development of our Waterproofing systems.


Requirements Standard Description DRYflex 1
Basic requirements EN1504-5
table 3C
U(S2) = Expected use - concrete waterproofing injections Compliant
W(1) = Minimum crack thickness, 0.1 mm
(1/2/3/4) = May be injected in dry, damp, wet and full of water cracks
(5/40) = Temperature of utilisation 5-40°C
Impermeability to water EN 14068 at 2x105 and 7x105 Pa Compliant
Viscosity EN ISO 3219 20-30 mPa.s Compliant
Reactivity EN ISO 9514 Gelling time between 10 sec and 30 min. Compliant
Durability, dilatation and expansion EN 14498

Expansion must reach a constant level < 35%, in accordance with standard EN 14498 –

state of conditioning A

Sensitivity to cycles EN 14498 No modification of the expansion rate Compliant
Compatibility with cement EN 12637-1 Variation of the resistance properties ≤ 20% Compliant
Behaviour to corrosion EN 1504-5
table 3C
Without corrosive effects Compliant
Behaviour to fire BS6853

Smoke emission <0.005 m2/g

in accordance with BS6853: 1999 Annex D8.3

BS EN ISO 4589-2

Inflammability: oxygen index >90,

in accordance with BS EN ISO 4589-2: 1996: Part 2

Compatibility with drinking water BS 6920-1: 2000 Smell and taste of the water: < 1 Compliant
Aspect of the water: Colour < 0,6
Turbidity: < 0,09
Presence of micro-organisms:

< 0,4 mg/l

Content of harmful substances to public health morphology of cells: Satisfactory
Colour of culture media: Normal
Single-layer confluence: 100%
Release of metals: compliant with the
Toxicity VwVws
Class of danger for the waters: (WGK) 1
(1 = low risk;
5 = high risk)
Toxicity mammals LD50: > 2000 mg/kg
Aquatic toxicity EC: > 1000 mg/kg
Biodegradability: Biodegradable
in accordance with OECD 301 B
Bio-accumulativity: Non bio-accumulative
DRYflex resin has been subjected to conformity tests by independent EU recognised institutes.
A full copy of the certificates can be requested from Drytech SA, Bedano, Switzerland +41 (0)91 960 23 40


Drytech® is the leading expert on waterproofing in groundwater for architects, engineers, building firms, estate agents and public agencies.

We have been specializing exclusively in waterproof structures and restoration activities since 1963, working directly on building sites throughout Europe.


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