Engineering Drytech Waterproof design

The Drytech® White Tank System introduces the concept of Waterproof Design.
This approach optimizes resources, ensures progress on the construction site is faster and creates time and cost savings both during construction and during the structure’s life.

The Drytech Tank is a waterproof structure. It supersedes the old approach of adding waterproofing to the structure, in favour of a construction which has built-in waterproofing: it’s faster to build, simpler to maintain, more effective and safer.

Drytech Engineering helps and supports Structural Engineers in Planning Waterproof Structures, optimizing decisions on construction based on waterproofing requirements.


Advice to Designers and Building firms

> Advice on the design of underground structures.
> Checks on shrinkage requirements in reinforcement plans.

Approval of mix design
> Prequalifica calcestruzzo / Mix design.
Waterproof concrete mix design defined and approved in advance. Drytech defines the concrete waterproof mix design based on the characteristics of the structure chosen by the customer.

> Checks on fresh casting.
> Laboratory checks on strength and traction.
> Checks on laying of reinforcement and concrete casting.
> Advice to building firms to ensure the waterproof structure is built to the highest standards.

> High quality dossiers with records, photographs and plans for laying DRYset systems.
On completion of construction, Drytech produces a dossier which gives an accurate picture of the activities carried out, the checks made and the characteristics of the waterproof structure. It’s an in-depth analysis which will also help maintenance during the structure’s life.


Engineering Drytech 1,000 construction sites in your project

Drytech specializes exclusively in waterproof structures in groundwater. A specialization which evolves daily, thanks to direct involvement in over 1,000 construction sites in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and the UK. Drytech Engineering is the tool which transfers this know-how to your project.
If the Designer can be thought of as the captain of a ship, Drytech Engineering is like the pilot who knows the port well and boards the ship to make the docking maneuvers.


Waterproof structures Building regulations

Swiss Standard SIA 272 / Eurocode 2 part 3
Waterproofing in groundwater is regulated by Standard SIA 272 (for Switzerland) and by Standard Eurocode 2 part 3 (Europe).
The Drytech White Tank System meets the requirements of Standards for building Class 1 waterproof structures.
Some sections of the Standard on Constructions are stated below.

2.2.2 Table 2. Waterproof classes
Waterproof class Description
1 Completely dry. No damp spots are allowed on the underside of the structure.
2 From dry to slightly damp. Isolated damp spots are allowed. No dripping is allowed from the underside of the structure.
3 Damp. Limited localized damp spots and isolated dripping from the underside of the structure are allowed.
4 From damp to wet. Damp spots and dripping are allowed.

Single system The supporting structure and the structural elements (underground structures; translator’s notes) must be designed and built using a single waterproofing system, with no exceptions.

3.1 Waterproof concrete structures
3.1.1 System description
The waterproofing system consists of a concrete waterproof structure and complementary aspects as described below, such as waterproofing of joints and penetrations and injecting cracks, cold joints and crack inducers.

The system can be installed in the presence of water under pressure and on horizontal and vertical surfaces or surfaces on top.

Obtaining a waterproof class for a concrete structure is affected by correct application of building engineering physics and the planning of measurements which guarantee reduced capillary volume, low dissemination of vapour, an accurate distribution of fine cracks and suitable conditions for laying the concrete. Concrete waterproofed structures do not require protective layers over the whole surface.


Drytech® is the leading expert on waterproofing in groundwater for architects, engineers, building firms, estate agents and public agencies.

We have been specializing exclusively in waterproof structures and restoration activities since 1963, working directly on building sites throughout Europe.


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